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Since 1994 we have provided professional legal services to the mortgage industry, with clients ranging from national corporations to local operators.

Residential and commercial mortgage lending work is a large part of our business. We are structured for high volume work of this nature and we can increase capacity quickly to accommodate client needs and take on additional work as required.

We handle all aspects of mortgage lending work - from documentation to settlement, stamping and registration, as well as discharges and recovery. We have experienced Solicitors ‘on the ground’ in all our offices, providing us with local mortgage industry knowledge and expertise where it counts, and our high ratio of Solicitors to paralegals means we can ensure a consistent high quality service provided through our national network of legal offices.


We are able to attend to recovery of secured and unsecured loans throughout Australia, from Local Courts to Supreme Court jurisdictions.

Our commitment to clients in relation to these matters is to provide pragmatic guidance and advice and regular reporting through the process, to ensure the achievement of the best and most cost-effective outcome.


Galilee Solicitors created, in-house, the GOLD system, an innovative and effective practice management software system. GOLD remains wholly owned by Galilee Solicitors.

This gives us a powerful advantage over similar service providers reliant on externally sourced software and support.

GOLD is an online interface system for clients, giving constant access to project status, displayed in real time.

GOLD even sends busy clients automatic email and SMS updates at critical stages of a matter.

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